February 17, 2021

NEW EU MDR Training Course: Understand the Requirements of the EU Medical Device Regulation

The transition period for the new EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR) is quickly approaching, is your company ready? 

MDR CONSULTANTS INC. can ensure you are fully prepared and in compliance with the new EU MDR regulation. The MDR CONSULTANTS’ INC. team is composed of professional that are experts on how the new EU MDR regulations will change current medical device processes and requirements. From conducting a strategic gap analysis to providing EU MDR Training, they ensure your implementation process meets all the applicable requirements. The experienced staff members provide EU MDR guidance at each step of the way so your company transitions efficiently and successfully.

As you know, medical device manufacturing is already a complex process, so does not come as a surprise that making this transition will require great effort, planning, and adequate time for implementation. Because of this complexity, it is important to fully understand all of the changes that this regulation brings to the medical device industry, to your company, and to your supply chain as early as possible. Therefore, training of the relevant staff is one of the keys to ensuring a smooth, timely, and easy transition. And for an EU MDR Training Course, you can count on MDR CONSULTANTS to provide you with the best course in the market. This course will help industry professionals, members of medical device manufacturers, and members of their supply chain to understand the complexity of the new regulation, the planning for implementation, and the preparedness of affected employees within their organization.   

Therefore, if you are an industry professional who needs to learn all the details related to the new EU MDR regulation, how to perform internal audits against the EU MDR, how to perform EU MDR audits to your supply chain, who wants to acquire a marketable skill, or just wants to enhance your knowledge of the EU Medical Devices Regulation, register for the NEW EU MDR training course from MDR CONSULTANTS Inc. 

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